vintage time again


 This is another interesting photo I found from the same year again of 1979 of my mother. I find that Black and white photos really capture a moment and as with every photo they really tell a story. My mother tells me stories every so often about how she and my aunt would love to go out and dance all night. They would often dance most of the night away instead of drinking as they hadn’t much money which is something only too familiar these days. She describes all the nightspots of the 90’s that  they would head to, there was a vintage gem of a club called the mid night blues along Brighton seafront, There was even a friend’s house that had been turned into a night club .I would often stare in amazement when she got ready to go out ,she would have beaded hot pants and beaded ethnic tops with beautiful beads embellished on them and of course in the back ground Danny Rampling playing on radio 1  . I think it was my mother’s style that steered me in the direction of textile design. This picture encapsulates the time of the 70’s where there was disco dancing and customizing was a must. It’s funny how fashion just keeps evolving round every year reliving different decades again such as disco,70’s which is in at the moment.


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