A view of the countryside,fashion and Shakedown.

On a longish walk from Burgess Hill to Hassocks. We decided to take in the view and document the beautiful countryside. The downs are absolutely breathtaking. I’ll bet whatever country you’ve been to there is still nothing quite like the Sussex downs, it always feels like home when you see them. Walking through the fields between Burgess Hill to  Hassocks it does dawn on you that in ten years time they will all be homes, people do need places to live after all. inevitably Burgess Hill and Hassocks and all surrounding villages will eventually join. So I say go out in to the countryside of Sussex and enjoy it especially before winter comes!.

 As always fashion is the forefront especially as it is the important London fashion week at the moment. I have the trusted blazers out this week and a smart River Island carpet-bag. P.S  many locals went to Shakedown on Saturday and I’m sure you all had a good time too as I did. The highlight for me was Ed Sheehan with his guitar of course. He went all gospel on us, can I get an Amen. He was amazing, he is even better live, although bless him the music from the dnb bass stage slightly drowned poor Ed out!. Here is the best view I could get of Mr Sheeran below.
































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