The look of a Teddy boy


As it is the end of fashion week and today is the men’s show,I have documented this interesting photo of my uncle John in his hometown of Dublin. He has a distinctive look of a teddy boy here with the slight tailored jacket, drain pipe jeans and his hair slicked up. I imagine that my uncle wanted to have a distinctive look as he was a singer in later years. I would imagine back then a sharp image is the second most important talent for a singer to possess. Unless you are in the charts today, image is of the up most importance  before don’t really need to be able to sing you can just become auto-tuned it’s the norm.

  His band was called the crack which in Ireland means to have a laugh.’what’s the crack’, meaning what’s happening?.  He still gigs today. I have always admired his music, my favourite song was called I’m going back. It talks about when he was older living in Tottenham, London with his family and how he wants to get back to Dublin his original home. He sings about how everything is more pure in Ireland it is an intriguing and profound song.


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  1. Angela Slater
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 19:20:36

    hello dad lol


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