A unique drawing style you could call it that

Nothing makes me happier than when I am drawing. I possess what I would call an unusual way of drawing, now some might say it’s just a mass of loose lines bashed together. My close friend at university would be very polite and say but that’s your unique style. which was very good of them, but how I longed to draw in neat lines just like them.I now realise there is so many different styles of drawing around it is not a case of is this a good or bad drawing it is what you intend to project.I have drawn various items over the years and admittedly I am not the best artist with a paint brush, it is not my favourite medium to use, but none the less I painted through college. One of the items we had to paint unfortunately was a pig’s head, now I really didn’t want to paint this but we had too,due to a mean teacher.Ican remember it was selected for my University portfolio why I do not know it was horrible!, anyhow I went for a university interview and one of the interviewees asked me about the picture and he said is that a dog? . I think you do have to use lines in drawing in a certain way to depict what your drawing. But if you chose to use heavy linear lines as opposed to soft linear lines that’s okay it’ s how you capture something that matters.  I definitely hadn’t captured the look of a pig in my painting.

These were drawings I did many years ago from my favourite book about John Galliano. The first drawing is from his collection for Dior. the second drawing was from his graduation collection which was sold at Browns.


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