A fine print for a shoe

These shoes were a lovely pink leather pair that had started to look tarnished.  As I like to recycle and promote this through my work, I found an old pair of little shorts I could no longer squeeze into anymore (vintage),but couldn’t throw them out!. I set to covering the shoe in this beautiful vivid fabric print it saved me going out and spending a fortune on fabric. The print is emblazoned with a pretty lady across it and the blues and golden beige are really eye-catching. I love working on a project and becoming so enthused about a subject. I openly admit I am not the best at beadwork, even at university my poor friend whom I lived with had to resume beadwork responsibilities as I was terrible!. I have beaded the shoe.The majority of the beads are round the heel so I have given it a whirl see below and let me know? Go easy as my style is the rustic look. I wanted to keep the original look of the shoe so I have kept the leather ruffles and covered the shoe around the  ruffles.


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