The blue customised skater dress

I found this blue cotton dress from Primark which was quite plain, initially all my customizing and altering serves a purpose. In this instance adding extra to the skirt length worked in my favour. All magazines are showing of dresses with netting underneath and lace fringing around the skirt length. I found that being 5 ft 11 poses problems for high street lengths on skirts, so I decided to add netting around the bottom of the skirt. I found this beautiful black netting and black crotchet with an exquisite pattern adorning it,  I then stitched them both together. I found the arms of the dress too  tight and uncomfortable, so I cut in to the arms and made a slit sewing the crotchet around the sleeve of the arm I now have a dress length I am happy with .I also now have an interesting dress that was once plain and now  is exciting. Have a look below and see what you think,blue makes a nice change to reds in the festive season.


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