Classic designers

Happy new year everyone, I hope you all had a lovely holiday and enjoyed the festivities. Now I know in the new year we are all meant to have resolutions:  so I have  my new year resolution it is a little different to joining a gym, I aim to seek out new designers and share them with you all as well as sharing my own designs too. First things first I would like to salute some of my favourite designers that always classic and renowned world wide to all. Paul Smith is one of my favourite British designers,his work is outlandish yet timeless.





















































Versace is always a designer I admired.I especially love Gianni Versace’s designs, ever since I went to the retrospective of his work at the V & A years ago I adored his hand stitched heavily embroidered designs. These are all the very designs that inspired me to design  and be outlandish through my work. To stand out and try something new.


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