Stars of the silver screen

I have been delving back into my old book archives.I have found some real gems,one in particular about the changing image of women a century of fashion.I always feel drawn to the past and especially admire the stars of the silver screen such as Greta Garbo. I love the dramatic eyes of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard, to the captivating look of  Marlene Dietrich in Blonde Venus. The stars of those times looked naturally beautiful there was no fancy camera angles or perfect lighting they had natural beauty and dramatic gestures. But I feel because there was not much budget in those times for films it would more so show of the acting, also it is quite endearing that the sets were more simple it means that you would use you’re imagination more . Here are some of the amazing stars of the silver screen below. Also I love the old adverts for make up so simple yet effective. When war happened, women were really put to the test. Without the help of women stepping in to the men’s role those posts surely would have crumbled .


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