Horoscopes are fun to read but why not try Tarot cards

One of my favourite things to do for fun or for answers is to read Tarot cards. They can help you look to the future and provide you with answers when you are in need. I also particularly like the illustrations on the cards and marvel at the beautiful illustration. Here are a few facts about  Tarot if you want to engage in readings for fun.

. One source says that tarot was created in the initiation temples of the mysterious East.

. Another source says the order of the knights templer a self-denying military order founded in 1188,to serve as protection for the pilgrims and guard them on route to the holy land.

. The tarot is linked to modern-day playing cards. The earliest playing cards can be linked back to their place of origin in China and Korea. Dating as far back as the 11th century.

. It is also most likely that the tarot was created somewhere in Northern Italy. It was said that the merchants from Venice gained inspiration from the oriental cards. The tarot pack originally consisted of 78 cards. In Italy the cards are called the Venetian or Piedmontre pack .

The way in which I read the cards :

The way I read them is to shuffle the deck thinking of the question you want to ask . I would then fan the cards out in a line on the table ,I often choose to do a seven card spread if I am using the Russell Grant Astrology deck , this gives you roughly a weeks reading( But keep in mind the universe doesn’t run on our time so they could be predicting further than a week ahead).You then pick the cards out slowly. Once you have chosen them you can begin to turn them over one by one, then read the meanings from the book . If you have picked a card and it is upside down, it means that it has a reversed meaning and this will be shown in the book too.

The 78 card deck can be seen in two parts. The major Arcana or Trumps and the Minor Arcana.  Arcana means mysteries or secrets.  The minor arcana has 56 cards each is split in to the four suits,each of the suit has ten pip cards and also four court cards. There is one extra court card in each of the suits (the knight), the Minor Arcana is similar to a modern pack of playing cards, but the suits have completely different names. The Minor Arcana is seen in four suits. Wands,swords,cups,penticles. Each suit relates to the four astrological elements fire, air, water and earth.

Another Tarot deck is the Crowley Thoth deck.  Thoth is the name of the ancient egyptian god of magic.

This is an example of  a Tarot deck below the Raider- Waite Deck. It was commissioned by the late Arthur Edward Waite and then painted by the late Pamela Colman Smith a very talented theatrical designer and illustrator born on the February 16th,1878 in Middle Sex England, it was said that she listened to Mozart whilst painting the exquisite pictures . They transcend such an emotional presence ,  through the colours and careful attention to detail.


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