Just a peek at Wedding dresses





Having a quick look at some wedding dresses to get some ideas, most of the dresses are strapless in You and your wedding magazine. I would prefer straps on my dress. There are some beautiful dresses out there, I love the classic dresses also there are some adorable vintage wedding dresses out there especially the 50’s styles.I think you just know when you see the right dress .What style would you choose?.


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  1. creativenoshing
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 00:28:11

    I wore a strapless two tone dress with an intricate ribbon corseted back. It was very plain except for the back, because that was what people saw the most. From these dresses, I would probably choose the second one, the mermaid dress. It really enhances the beauty of a feminine figure and is such a vintage throwback. Ultimately you’ll know the dress when you put it on. I wouldn’t have picked my dress out of a line up, but when I put it on, I knew…


  2. Gina Slater
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 20:21:35

    Thank you for the advice I agree completely the second one.You’re dress sounded beautiful , thats true when you walk up the aisle and stand at the altar people see the back of the dress mainly, good point. I am torn between classic, vintage and bespoke. Also as I design, people expect it to be amazing but I am going to pick the one I know feels right like you say. Thank you for you’re kind advice and all you’re support in my blog.


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