Mary Mcfadden high priestess of high fashion

This is a designer that it is inspired by ancient civilizations, her work is very intriguing and shows influences in distant cultures and times. I feel her work is beautiful and organic in her designs.The picture of the models crossing the street just documents how ahead of her time she was in documenting authentic clothing. She would take trips to Madagascar and Ethiopia from these countries she would pick up beautiful hand-woven and printed-silk fabrics and drape these around her figure, wearing it as a toga which could then be worn over pants (trousers). She would go in to the offices at Vogue as she would write travelogues. The colleagues would then ask her to be photographed in these astonishing outfits and from there on this lead her into her successful fashion design career. I personally love her interiors too as they define such authenticity within the room. The outfits encompass beautiful textures and designs you can imagine the old ruins she took inspiration from and reproduced this into a beautifully hand-crafted hand-printed silk dress. Many of her designs inspire todays designers such as the tassel dress has been reproduced for . Such a brilliant American designer that is so inspired by the beauty of the world.


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