The powers gone out

The power went out in my house yesterday. I thought at the time what to do panic!, scream oh no not the things in the freezer I bought yesterday. The only option is to wait it out or go out. I awoke to this power cut and completely forgot my morning radio listen to 1xtra that’s out, my morning cup of Assam tea no chance!, and the pen I wrote this post with the ink is now running out, but wait I can always get another pen. But when the power runs out on the lap top that’s it post undone. I do like the good old fashion pen and paper it is more personal than writing an email. You engage you’re brain more and remember subjects better when writing them down rather than a computer that spells everything out for you.

Why do we so heavily rely on gadgets, is it probably because we are forced with advert after advert pushing these products on to us?. They show us how we can’t live without the most up to date iPhone, even if you own an iPhone 4 you are behind, there is no keeping up. All these extra phone bills and purchases of ipads this is why we can’t keep a hold of finances. I know how hard it can be to work out you’re bills it takes organisation, but it is possible. I’m not going to deny technology isn’t exciting or worth the money it is ,there is some impressive gadgets on the market. It is just nice to reminisce about the times when we didn’t need the all these gadgets. When we didn’t have mobiles and had to use our house phones, or when we read a paperback book instead of a kindle. I’m not going to deny the benefits of being able to contact someone immediately and It is great that trees aren’t being chopped down for books. But imagine taking a few things away living basic again, could we do it?. It is like a wealthy person having to then live below there means, or down size they are not used to it. It is the same for us we would find it difficult to go back to a basic kind of living. Here is a drawing I produced without a computer.


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