The ever changing style of Madonna

The queen of pop Madonna you either love her or dislike her but her style is unique and she is like a fashion chameleon. I adore the film Desperately seeking Susan Madonna acted alongside Roseanne Arquette the film was made in 1984. I love her eccentric style and erratic behaviour throughout the film. Madonna was my idol when I was growing up, I even got the Madonna piercing (after her fake beauty spot she would have) it is a piercing on the lip. Much to my mother’s dismay I came home with this piercing and a swollen lip. She looked horrified:”I thought you were buying a pair of shoes! and how could you mutilate you’re body”. My Granny and Grandad liked it though: “oh thats a pretty earring you have there”. I had decided a whole year back before I got the piercing but knew the school wouldn’t allow it or my mum!,but I was old enough a year later and it was a licensed place. I’m not going to deny though the needle hurt a lot!. Back to Madonna one thing I have always admired about Madonna is her ability to change her style, she wears different trends and doesn’t care what anyone thinks I admire that. Check out her- style.My favourite look of Madonna’s was of course the 80’s cross and rubber bands,also the leggings and mini skirts with lots of belts around the waist,it was quite edgy and raw. My favourite Madonna song is “Into the groove”, if you’re a pop fan you will love it. If you are a fan whats you’re favourite Madonna song or look?.



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  1. Beibei Wu
    May 03, 2012 @ 23:07:04

    Great post 🙂


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