Gwen Stefani’s unique look

I have loved Gwen Stefani’s style ever since she was first in the band No Doubt in the 90’s. She pulls of fun styles and prints through her captivating look. It’s hard not to notice her individual look and tons of attitude she projects through her music.

I really preferred her first band No doubt for songs like “hella good” and of course “Don’t speak were big at the time. Her solo music was very energetic and fun too, as she would often use word play to bring across in to her style such as a cheerleader uniform adorned with the word B.a.n.a.n.a.s. Also the very kitsch harajuko look, I feel was mixed with a twist of Alice in wonderland.

She mixes her looks often, such as the rockabilly quiff with modern looks to stay fresh. As I have allways admired John Galliano’s collections I was so pleased to see she had her wedding dress designed and made by him it was traditional yet had a twist to it.

Also her style would involve a punk edge to it. The punk era was great with accessories like safety pins and torn fabrics ,but sewn seams it was a time of discovery in fashion and music trying new techniques in fashion design such as de -constructing and re-constructing a garment,anyone could try it.


I love the fact Gwen Stefani sticks to being original and true to herself through her fashion label L.A.M.B, her perfume line and also music she has previously made. She is outlandish and allways will be.






Also a current artists vibe in fashion and music I’m in right now is Rita Ora, the gorgeous looking Brit singer who some say looks like Beyonce’. She shows the 90’s look of perfectly like Gwen Stefani and she wears it with attitude too. So ladies get you’re denim out and rock it with some heels like Rita and Gwen!.



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  1. abichica
    May 06, 2012 @ 09:05:11

    I’v always loved Gwen’s fashion sense, it’s amazing!! 🙂


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