My dream come true pt 1

DSC_0358 After years of internships, work experience and much deliberation I have finally bit the bullet and launched our label, “Made Round The Corner”. I had produced my own clothing line of t-shirts for Oxfam create years ago but this is what I have wanted to do for what has felt like an eternity.

I adore design, textiles and fashion when I wake up to when I sleep I dream of design. Drawing is something I love doing. I love to study and research a subject and then draw from it. Even drawing a flower I analyse every corner of it, it’s quite obsessive, but enjoyable.

My husband (Chris) and I put every bit of money we had and invested in a screen printer early this year. It wasn’t alien for me screen printing as this was my degree subject. When your on your own faced with a new challenge it can seem daunting but you power on, and the best was yet to come.



Hand printed t-shirt included with delivery a special complimentary chocolate

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Purple applique’ t-shirt

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Hello I’m back!


Watch “Jenny Dee Jazz” on YouTube

Hello bloggers and viewers it’s been a long time. I’m back, I have been planning a wedding and events in life have taken over so I’m sorry.  I would like to share with you my very talented friend’s new jazz video out today on You Tube. Her name is Jenny Dee.

Women’s rights in Uganda

I came across this article in Look magazine and was quite shocked. I know there is other horrifying situations and disasters happening in the world right now and we all need to think and pray for the people and families affected by these, but I can’t believe that the Uganda government is passing “The miniskirt bill” ie: banning miniskirts.

The say that they are banning miniskirts because they are causing the high rate of sex attacks in the country.  They are even trying to control what women watch on t.v. such as Beyoncé. Any women caught wearing a miniskirt will be fibed 10 million Ugandan shillings the equivalent of £2, 500 or imprisonment for up to 10 years. Evelyn Namara 28 country director of social enterprise solar Sister, told look magazine: I think the bill is insane . 90% of my wardrobe is above tge knee.  It is ab insult to women. I don’t believe it is to protect women . There are more serious issues affecting Uganda.

It is unbelievable that they could impose such dictatorship to the women of Uganda, I can’t imagine here in England being dictated too . We are all very lucky to be part of a democratic country like England.  Women would not be the scapegoats for problems in the country.  We don’t realise how free we are compared with Uganda.  I could not live without my skirts or dresses, thank god for ‘! .




Up-Cycling retro style

I have decided to update my dinner table set. I have an old table my mother gave me for the
house it had been in our famlily for over twenty years.So I have decided to sand it down to give it a new lease of life.The chairs that I have are all old fashioned and don’t necessarily match but I am going to paint them a20130122_134711 pale blue colour I have left parts of the chair untouched so it still has

Vintage clock

Vintage clock

it’s old character to it.
Retro sign, £2 Primark

Retro sign, £2 Primark

lignleft” width=”225″]Up-cycled chair Up-cycled chair [/caption]
I have completely fallen in love with the whole vintage theme, generally because you can use old objects and new vintage items.Like this new vintage inspired clock I got in TK Maxx for £7.99! Pictured below.

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